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On this page, you will find a subset of services which can be offered by ARGHOS.

Those services can be split into 3 categories:

- Operations
- Management
- Consulting

Each of those categories is further detailed on different pages of this site.


ARGHOS may help you on all types of missions with an operational character. “Operations” has to be seen in the mode extended way. It can be the management of project of any size (Project Management).
In this case, ARGHOS may take the role of Project Manager or Project Director for customers having already realized the most important steps of the project (budget, planning, subcontractors, resources, etc.). ARGHOS can also take those first steps under its responsibility.

In the frame of “Operations”, ARGHOS can give support for other types of activities like Program Management, audits (process and/or deliverables) or delivery of teams in charge of field activities.


ARGHOS can deliver different kinds of Management Services, including Interim Management.

In particular, sourcing aspects are certainly a speciality (need analysis, prospection, RFQ editing and issuance, bid analysis, contracting, subcontractors follow-up, etc.).

A good knowledge of the IT and telecommunication sectors allows ARGHOS to position itself in “Business Development” services. Taking into account customer specificity and positioning compared to competitors, development plans can be designed and deployed. We also keep contact with the market in the frame of investments linked to potential company fusions or acquisition.


Through an important professional network, ARGHOS may propose consultants (interim, freelancers) for all needed profiles in the frame of telecom activities. This does not constitute the “core business” of ARGHOS but have to be seen as complementary activities which can be handled by our company.

Research of “expert” profiles with high added value is a speciality.